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The Best Deal Flash V1 Lite You Can Get

Best deal Flash V1 is including the advanced features built in this modern electric bike. Here are the best deals of this electric bike you can enjoy if you buy it.

Throttle and Pedal Assist

Flash V1  is equipped with a throttle and pedal assist which can help you in biking quicker and further. You can set the level of power assist as you like, and this electric bike will apply the power level you already set as you pedal. If you need more power of speed in order to go further and farther, twist the throttle and there you go.

The throttle and pedal assist feature are completed with the electric motor and rechargeable and internal battery. The electric motor has 500 watts power which can make you reach 28 miles per hour. On a single charge, the range of the speed is up to 30 miles to 50 miles. With those power features of Flash V1, you are able to bike and explore wherever you want.

The Safety Features

The turn signals,  electric horn, and high-intensity LED lights are included in the safety features of Flash V1. The high-intensity LED is used for the headlight and also automatic brake light. The electric horn has 85 decibel sound which is able to be used when you need to grab someone’s attention on the road. With those safety features as the best deal Flash V1 Lite, you can see and be seen as you are biking on the road.

Movement Sensitive Alarm

Best Deal Flash V1 LiteThe movement sensitive alarm is included in the safety features of Flash V1 along with the GPS tracking and alert notification. When this modern and sleek electric bike is bumped, the lights will flash and the 85-decibel alarm will be on, as well as the high-resolution touchscreen LCD will display a warning message. And then, the warning message will be sent to you through the notification in your smartphone. Sophisticated, right?

Moreover, you are also able to track the location of your Flash V1 Lite. You can also always know the updates of the security status and current battery too through your smartphone. In order to operate this sophisticated electric bike, you do not need any key. All of the operations use a touchscreen PIN code. Directly order to buy this electric bike and enjoy all of those best deal Flash V1.

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