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Best Offer Flash V1 – Get a Discount up to 25%

The Benefits & Best Offer Flash V1 

Best offer Flash V1 is a lot, from the security, power, safety, and intelligence features. Moreover, there are also many benefits in having this electric bike.

The Best Offer of Flash V1 

Flash V1  is featured with a movement-sensitive alarm. If this electric bike of yours is bumped, the touchscreen will show you a Best Offer Flash V1 Litewarning message. The flashing lights and 85 decibel alarm will be on if a thief is trying to steal Flash V1 Lite. So that your electric bike will be safe wherever you park it. Moreover, the alert notification will let you know if there is a problem with your Flash V1 . Any time its armed system notices any alerts, you will be immediately notified via notifications on your smartphone.

A location tracking is also featured in the Flash V1 . So that you are able to know its location and keep an eye to this electric bike of yours. You will also be able to know the updates about the location, security status, and battery. For the operation such as controlling the access to your Flash V1 Lite by only using a PIN code, without any key.

The next best offer Flash V1 is the modern and sleek appearance will satisfy your eyes. Moreover, Flash V1 is sold with a heavenly affordable price so that you do not have to worry about spending much money.

The Benefits of Having Flash V1 

You are free from getting charged a shipping fee if you decided to buy Flash V1 . The free shipping specialty is offered for you who live in the United States of America and the contiguous area. Moreover, there is also 30 days return policy provided for this electric bike buyers. When the Flash V1 Lite arrives in your home, you have 30 days to request a return and refund if you find any problems or inconvenience in the electric bike.

The process to purchase Flash V1  is also very easy. You just have to access the website and choose the bike you want. Add the bike to the online cart and follow the payment procedure. Flash V1 lite is available in 3 colors, which are white, charcoal, and also silver. If you purchase at least 2 electric bikes, you will get a 10% discount on each bike. You can also get a discount up to 25% if you have a group order with at least 5 members. Those are the benefits and best offer Flash V1 .

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