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Brand New Flash V1 – Specification of Flash V1 

Considering a Brand New Flash V1 to Get Faster

If you’re interested in electric bikes, you should buy a brand new Flash V1. This is for those who dislike whistles and bells.

The benefits of having Flash V1 

It is understandable if you want to have an electric bike since it becomes more and more popular. Making you drive faster and safer is one of the reasons. Brand New Flash V1  comes in friendly way to the environment. Every year, people riding this bike will stop the 471 lbs of Carbon Dioxide from going into to the atmosphere. If you ride this bike, you will be healthier. It can reduce fatigue by sixty-five percents and can reduce the risks of heart problems by fifty percent.

When you drive Flash V1 , you also will be able to sleep well. It also can boost energy by 20 so if you have a late breakfast, you’ll still get to your office on time without feeling exhausted. People having difficulty managing their moods and stress will be very happy with this electric bike. Last but not least, by riding an electric bike like Flash V1, every year you will save a lot of money since you’ll be free from paying maintenance, parking, and gas.

Brand New Flash V1

The Specification of Flash V1 

  • This 500-watt electric bike is designed with the water-proof Rear Hub Motor with IP 65, certified ROHS/CE, assisted throttle and pedal, and the 48 NM of Torque. For charging, it has the 18650-cell 417 WH Lithium-Ion Battery Pack from Samsung for 36V 11.6Ah. The battery is completed with a mini port with frame mounted.
  • The brake is Shimano Mechanical Disc with 180mm rotors.
  • Its comfortable saddle is from Selle Royal Sport.
  • Its 26” X 2.10” tires are Kenda Kranium.
  • Its handlebars are 640mm wide.
  • It has a fifth-level power assist control and a third-level headlight control.
  • It also has an eighty-five-decibel electric horn and ergonomics grips.
  • It’s designed to have twenty-six-inch double-wall rims made from Aluminum.

After having this electric bike and you need to have a faster one, you don’t need to buy a new one. You know, this electric bike is designed to be able to instantly upgrade to Flash V1—its previous type with 28mph speed. Flash V1  is only 20 mph with a cheaper price. Are you ready to buy a brand new Flash V1 now?

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