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Buy Flash V1 via PayPal – The Features of Flash V1 

The Flash Shop Offers Its Customers to Buy Flash V1 via Pay Pal

You will be happy to buy Flash V1 via PayPal, which offers worldwide online payments. Just ask the customer care about it.

The thing is you cannot buy anything without knowing what you really buy. Will you be satisfied with the thing like an electric bike you purchase online when it comes to your house? You should learn well before deciding to buy it, right? Some people may be too small to ride this electric bike. See the size below.

The Size of Flash V1

Buy Flash V1 Via PayPalFlash V1  is designed to ride by people of 5’3” to 6’2” height with maximum 300 lbs in weight. This weight does include the cargo. It is available in three colors, white, charcoal, and silver. See more detail about its size:

  • The height of the seta tube is 21”
  • The length of the effective top tube is 23.5”
  • The length of the crank arm is 170 mm
  • The length of the handlebar is 660 mm
  • The height of the standover is 24”

Not only the size but also you should know well about other things in this type of Flash. So, see the features below.

Flash V1

The Features of Flash V1 

  • The flash V1  is designed with a 36V internal battery to power its 500-watt rear hub motor.
  • The charger is included for its 36V/2A Lithium-Ion Battery. The port is also available.
  • This electric bike is designed to have the throttle and pedal assist with grips to set the control level.
  • This Flash type has a maximum 20 mph speed.
  • It’s possible to upgrade this Flash type.

Buy Flash V1 via PayPal – If you want to buy it from the website of Flash bike shop, you will be comfortable with the 30-day policy of returning after the product you purchase to arrive at your house. They want to make you really happy with what you purchase. Yes, you should learn about it on their website well. Another great thing is the shipping is free except for you who live in Hawaii or Alaska. However, people living in those two places may pay for the shipment directly to the courier when the product has arrived.

When the transaction is done online, any electronic money including pay pal will be fine. To make yourself more convinced, you can send an email to the customer support. They will happily answer all of your questions. It is great if the article about how to buy Flash V1 via PayPal gets you inspired to buy one for yourself.

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