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Cheap Flash V1 – Power and performance

A Review about Cheap Electric Bike : Cheap Flash V1

This is an article reviewing a cheap Flash V1. The electric bike, with a price as high as $1,699, is the primary offering from Flash Bike and accompanies some really cool tech and equipped with a smooth, urban edge that is shockingly solid in spite of its single-tube outline. It feels like the V1 is an incredible decision for shorter rides in an urban situation, particularly as a result of its incorporated GPS that watches out for the bicycle at any time it’s on.

Power and performance

Cheap Flash V1The V1  is equipped with a 500-watt center point engine. The bike can reach the top speed of 20 mph, and it has a max range of 50 miles. It is quite powerful for an electric bike. Don’t compare it with motorcycles though!


cheap Flash V1: One of the best aspects for this bike is the look of the V1 ; the front-back lights and the control center on the tube look like something you would meet on other bikes with higher prices, which is quite an awesome fact since those rides can cost more than 5,000 USD. Also, the control panel, which is situated on the tube, shows current speed, battery level by means of a seven-bar battery pointer and pedal assist. There’s additionally an application that can be utilized to synchronize to the bicycle, which shows a couple of more bits of data like the total time of your trip and a trip meter.

For additional information, the bicycle additionally has GPS, and when synchronized with the application can let you know precisely where the bicycle is at any given time and furthermore alarms the proprietor in the event that somebody is altering or endeavoring to take the bicycle. At the point when the cheap Flash V1 is turned on, the movement sensors and GPS are turned on too. If there is any chance that the bicycle is bumped, a gentle caution sounds, and if it’s jarred again or moved from its present area, the bicycle produces a substantially louder blaring noise and furthermore alarms its owner by means of a pop-up message to their mobile phone.

Flash V1


There is, be that as it may, a drawback to the product: it’s continually drawing power from the battery. The battery is rather quick to be depleted. Also, do you know what’s worse? Every tech available (except the basic electric power) in this bike is not available to use! Without the additional purchase of USD 399, you basically only obtain a common electric bike! Fortunately, cheap Flash V1 is affordable.

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