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Discount Flash V1 and Flash V1 Commuter

Types of Discount Flash V1

Discount Flash V1 Lite is divided into 2 kinds, which are the family plan and group offers. Here is the information about those 2 types of Flash V1 discount.

Family Plan Offers

If you and your family members love to bike and want to have the same bike, you can apply for family plan offers. Order at least 2 electric bikes of Flash or more and you will get 10% off for each bike you order. But you have to remember that this type of discount cannot be combined with other offers. If you are interested to get this family plan offers, order Flash V1  and enter the code of discount which is Family Plan at checkout.

Group Offers

For you who want to have a bigger discount, group offers are suitable for you. In this kind of discount Flash V1, you are able to save up to 25%. In group offers, you have to have at least 5 members and order the electric bikes at the same time. If you already have friends which reach 5 persons with you, directly order Flash V1  and get 25% discount for each electric bike you order.

If you do not have friends up to 5 persons, you can create a group on the website of Flash. Once the group you created has 5 members, you are able to directly order the electric bike and get this discount.

The Operating Instructions of Flash V1 

Discount Flash V1 LiteOnce you receive Flash V1 electric bike you ordered, you need to wake up this bike from the shipping mode. To do this, you just have to simply charge the electric bike by plugging in your AC charger to the charge port of the electric bike. About 5 seconds, the high-resolution screen will light up and show the indicator of battery charge. Leave Flash V1  until fully charged before you can use it.

To turn on this electric bike, press and hold the + button for 5 seconds. The screen then will turn on and show the current battery, the power assist level, and also the speed. You are ready to bike with this modern and sophisticated electric bike. While for turning it off, press and hold the – button for 5 seconds. And then the display screen will turn off and the bike is deactivated. Those are the operating instructions and discount Flash V1.

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