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All Tips about Flash V1 Lite

Flash V1 Lite is an electric bike which is designed for you who live a modern lifestyle in a modern city. This modern electric bike has many sophisticated features that will make your biking activity easier and more fun. You can get Flash V1 Lite for sale online in the website. If you already order this bike and do not really know how to operate it, here are the tips.

Flash V1 Lite For Sale Online – How to Charge Flash V1 Lite

V1 Lite For Sale Online – In order to charge your flash V1 Lite electric bike, you just have to simply plug in the included charging cable to a small charging port where you can find it in the bottom part of the down tube. It will take about 4 hours to 5 hours to fully charge this advanced electric bike if the battery completely runs out of power.

But fortunately, the internal and rechargeable battery of Flash V1 Lite does not have a charge memory. So that you do not have to wait until the battery is charged fully before you use this electric bike, or let the battery run out of powers before you charge it again. This is the specialty of  Flash V1 Lite for sale online.

Flash V1 Lite For Sale Online

How to Get the Most Out of the Battery

Flash V1 Lite for sale online – Do you want to make the battery of your Flash V1 Lite as long as possible? You are able to follow these tips to get the most out of the battery.

  • Use the Included Charger

In order to make your battery last longer, use the proper and genuine charger which is included in one package of Flash V1 Lite, instead of using a smart charger for fast charging. The smart charger can give a negative effect on the battery life of your electric bike.

  • Maintain the Proper Temperatures

Heat has an important role in the life of any types of battery, especially when it is charged. It will be better if you do not charge your Flash V1 Lite in a direct sunlight, in order to avoid an overheated battery. Moreover, if it is possible, keep this electric bike away from a direct sunlight. While in the winter, it is suggested to store your Flash V1 Lite in the environment with low humidity.

  • Recharge at Least Every 2 Months

If you do not use your Flash V1 Lite for a while, it will be better if you still charge it for at least every 2 months in order to save the battery life.

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