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Guide To Flash V1 Lite – Flash V1 Lite is 500 watts geared hub motor

Guide to Flash V1 Lite that You Should Know Before Riding It

Along with the development of technology, transportation tools are modified in such a way as to remain environmentally friendly, one example is an electric bicycle. One of the best electric bike brands is the Flash bike. In this article, we will discuss a guide to Flash V1 Lite that you should know before purchasing and riding it.

Guide To Flash V1 Lite - Flash V1 Lite is 500 watts geared hub motor

The electric Flash V1 Lite bike

The Flash V1 Lite is equipped with the 500 watts geared hub motor, and it has such a compact design with a very lightweight – around 45 lbs. What is great about this bike is the touch-screen display feature which is eye-catching and makes the bike look elegantly sophisticated. This type of bicycle is more desirable because of several factors, such as:

  1. Battery-powered technology

The use of battery power on this bike allows us to run it without having to paddle it. In addition to the use of batteries that can be recharged, it is automatically not necessary to spend more money to pay for fuel costs.

  1. Pollution free

Because it uses electricity, riding this bike means that you are participating in reducing air pollution

Guide to Flash V1 Lite

However, before using an electric bicycle, there are a number of things you need to know in order to maintain its durability. If you know well about the bike and how to properly use it, the performance of your bike will be long-lasting.

First, you have to make sure that there is no problem with its braking system. Before traveling on the Flash V1 Lite, it is a good idea to check its braking system. Because if the braking system is hampered, it will make the consumption of electrical energy. And the energy that has been saved previously will become more wasteful and inefficient.

Second, charge your bike before the battery is completely discharged. You should be diligent to pay attention to the condition of the battery after the electric bicycle is used. Carelessly let the bike sits with an empty battery can shorten the life of the battery itself.

Third, when you are riding the bike, it will be much better if you avoid uphill road terrain. Although Flash V1 Lite is an excellent electric bike, it is designed for the road or track that has relatively flat contours. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid the contoured roads so that the engine and battery can last much longer.

Fourth, you should also avoid sudden acceleration when riding an electric bike in general, including the Flash V1 Lite. Suddenly riding at full speed will make the controller heat up faster and make the battery performance gradually decreases.

If you have known about the guide to Flash V1 Lite, now it is time for you to try the electric bike to support an environmentally friendly lifestyle!

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