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Boomer Naturals Face Coverings United States : Boomer Naturals Face Coverings Review: How did we start our 2020? Well, our 2020 started by a virus pandemic outbreak in January 2020. Most people thought that 2020 would be a Wonderful year. However, it was not because of this virus. The virus called by COVID-19, and it originated from Wuhan, China. During the first quarter of 2020, in February, to be exact, a lot of people started to hoard supplies, including medical face masks. These masks intended to be resold at a higher price than original. Now, it is August 2020. How is the condition of the world?

Well, supply hoarders were beaten up because of reusable face masks. However, in today’s article, I would like to review Boomer Naturals face coverings based on Google Review and the website

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Boomer Naturals itself is a company that aimed to sell health stuff to people, such as health supplements, gummies, and more. Not stopping from that, they also have specific health supplements for your pets.

They, too, provide you with services, such as coaches, practitioners, and healers. The company itself originated from the United States. In Nevada, to be exact. The goal of this company is to give people enhanced life quality, well-being, and any other related. Boomer Naturals face coverings themselves made of nano-silver fabrics. Nano-silver fabrics technology is able to give protection against microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The Nano-silver itself has 3 layers and provides more protection than a regular cloth face mask. However, there is one problem. The Boomer Naturals said that the face-covering is only effective for 30 days of suggested use.

Boomer Naturals face coverings

For where the masks were made, they were made in Vietnam. After that, shipped from Las Vegas. Meanwhile, other Boomer Naturals products are manufactured in the original country, the United States, and they also shipped from there. From people’s reviews, they were mixed reviews. Boomer Naturals; rating on Google is only at 3,6. Some people love Boomer Naturals products. Meanwhile, some are not.

The face coverings review itself has a lot of complaints. Let just say the most complaints were about the shipments and order. There are people who waited for the face masks to be delivered for more than 10 days. The funny is the person is living in the United States too. The is order complaints were about the size of the mask. There is a person who ordered some Boomer Naturals face coverings for both adult and child size. However, the child ones were medium-sized.

Back2School Boomer Naturals

Boomer Naturals

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