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What do you know about Flash Bike V1? It is one of the modern bike categories. It is empowered by the motor machine so that you can benefit it when you get tired of riding it. This bike has some great features. You can reveal the following amazing feature flash bike v1. What are they?

Feature Flash Bike V1

A Powerful Motor Making You Free

The thing to make you set free with the flash bike is about the embedded feature. It has a powerful motor feature. The flash bike has an electric motor feature with a rechargeable battery so that you can recharge anytime you need it. This is helpful to explore your health because you can use your energy or bike power.

The powerful motor feature is going further in which it is embedded with 500 watts and range to reach 30 to 50 miles. Feature Flash bike V1 will give you set free to step and go further. It is a really useful bike to ride at home. With the aid of pedals and throttle, it makes this bike look easy to use. You can set the desired power level and this bike will apply that power when you ride the pedal. If you need the speed, you can turn the throttle and go further now. You can ride it quickly with the highest speed up to 28 mph. You will always get there with the flash bike.

Built-In Safety Feature

When you ride the flash bike, you should know the feature flash bike V1. It embeds a built-in safety feature to share the road. Sharing the road will make you stress. That is why the flash bike will offer an integrated built-in safety feature making you safe and seen. It is the most futuristic system and smart feature for the bike. It has a high intensity LED system. The front light can be set with the lighting range up to 430 feet. With the flash, you will always see it.

Feature flash bike V1 – Three Levels of Security in the Flash Bike

The last feature flash bike V1 is about the security system. It offers three layers of the security system. It has a motion-sensitive alarm. Try to keep stealing the flash. Then, it has a notification alert embedded in this flash bike. It will warn you and you will know it quickly with a push notification.


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