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The Reasons You should Consider the Features Flash v1 Lite

What should you look for in a bike? Well, Flash v1 Lite is one of our recommended bikes for you. Here are the features Flash v1 Lite.

The right bike for you

There are three kinds of bikes that maybe one of them is what you are looking for. They are city bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. City bikes are designed for those who enjoy recreational fitness, commuting, and riding. People usually ride city bikes in suburbs and parks even though you can ride on the unsealed road. So, if you consider yourself as a recreational rider, city bikes will be suitable for you because they are efficient and comfortable. On the other hand, road bikes are designed for performance and speed. It should be ridden on unsealed roads. Last but not least, mountain bikes are aimed for people who want a ride on bush tracks or fire trails. But don’t worry because you can ride mountain bikes on sealed roads too.

Features Flash v1 Lite

The type of rider

Features Flash v1 Lite – Next, after you know what type of bike that is suitable for you, you need to know what kind of ride you are. You shouldn’t underestimate your intention for riding a bike. If you are a go-getter even though you are a beginner at this, you should have a bike that is designed for that and able to give you good performance. But, if you choose to buy a recreational bike, you probably feel disappointed with its limitations later.

It is true that buying a cheaper bike can save the most money up front. But you need to remember that you will get a bike based on what you pay for. Expensive bikes do not mean that they are comfier compared to city bikes. Expensive bikes will give you more ease for their stiffer and lighter got better acceleration, efficiency, and hill climbing. The components also will be better especially in braking and shifting. They are also more durable.

Recommended bike

We have one of the recommended bikes from Flash v1 Lite. It is an electric bike that is light and able to deliver good performance whether on the easy or difficult road. The features are including:

  • Pedal assist and grip throttle with a top speed up to 20 mph and four levels of control. The range is around 30-50 miles every charge
  • The hub motor of the geared rear is in 500 watts that is powered by a 36V internal battery
  • It is included 36V/2A battery charger of lithium-ion
  • There is an LCD display with high-resolution shows the latest Power Assist Level, speed and battery charge
  • There is a ready instant upgrade for full flash v1 features

With around $1,600 you will get the best electric bike that will give you so much ease to commute and recreational purpose. Its cutting-edge technology and features Flash v1 Lite, safety will become your first priority.

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