Flyte Light in Amazon

Flyte Light in Amazon


Flyte Light in Amazon: Unique and Functional

Nothing captures your attention quite like Flyte Light in Amazon. Yes, this light bulb is indeed far from the ordinary light bulb we are all familiar with. Designed for indoor use, this incredibly unique light bulb is not supposed to be placed attached to the ceiling. But rather, to be placed on a level surface where it becomes the main attraction in a room. The moment your guest steps into your house, they are guaranteed to be mesmerized by this impressive fixture.

What makes Flyte Light unique

Flyte Original Magic Light Bulb earned the moniker from its magical design. Unlike traditional light bulbs, Flyte is the first light bulbs that comes with magnetic board and induction technology. With this clever combination, the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping! Instead of being attached to the board, Flyte floats in the air and levitates as it lights up the whole room.

Magical as it is, Flyte is made all the more interesting with the fact that there’s no visible connection whatsoever. Thanks to its state-of-the-art resonance induction technology, the light bulb does not have to be attached through wiring for powers. The technology makes it possible for Flyte to get the power it needs to operate through the air. No complicated and unattractive cable connection, yet Flyte Light in Amazon works just as efficiently as traditional light bulbs.

Specifications and features

This levitating magic light bulb is incredibly efficient as it is functional. Many decorative light bulbs end up being a great addition to a room, but lacks the ability to illuminate the space. The same cannot be said for Flyte, and that is exactly what makes it an excellent choice. Interested in finding out more about Flyte’s specifications and features? See the following list to find out.

Energy efficient

Flyte is made of LED light bulbs that makes it an incredibly energy efficient. Its high-quality type of lighting has the ability to illuminate the whole space brightly. All without messing up with your electricity bill. Not only that, its LED lights can be used for more than 50,000. Which means it will last you for eleven years when used on a daily basis for about 12-hours a day.

Rotated magnetic suspension

Designed to float in the air, Flyte beautifully hovers right above a modern magnetic suspension. This magnetic suspension lies in the beautiful walnut-wood base. Sophisticated capabilities combined with timeless elegance. What’s not to like/

Those who are looking for an alternative to traditional light bulb will definitely fall in love with Flyte. You will, too. Get your Flyte Light in Amazon.


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