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Flyte Light Reviews—The Extraordinary Floating Light Bulb

If you want to know what the most extraordinary and trendiest decoration item this year, you really should read some Flyte Light Reviews. Flyte Light is the light bulb that is currently taking the world by storm. A levitating light bulb that will not lose power for 22 years might sound like something you see in a science fiction movie, but that is exactly what Flyte is all about. No wonder it is awarded as one of the “25 Best Inventions” by Time Magazine in 2016.

Flyte Light Reviews


What Is Flyte

Flyte Light ReviewsFlyte is a light bulb that defies gravity and the name derives from the combination of two words, Fly and Light. It is very unique because the light bulb is really levitating above a beautiful wooden base. Flyte, the flying light bulb was invented by Simon Morris, an art scientist. He was astonished with the concept of hover board so he aspired to create other creations with similar principles.

There is no magic involved to make the light bulb hovers, just science. It uses the principle of magnetic levitation. A magnet is put on the bottom of the bulb and another one is put in the wooden base. The reaction between the two magnetic forces makes the light bulb hovers in the air.

There are so many good Flyte Light Reviews everywhere in the internet, even since the product’s Kickstarter day. Even though the crowdfunding goal was only $80,000, the company managed to get a whopping $617,258 from more than 2,000 backers.

Pros and Cons of Flyte

Reading Flyte Light Reviews will not be complete without finding out all the goods and the bads of this product. Is this light bulb really as good as what the people said? Let’s find out from the list of pros and cons below.

·         Pros

–       Up to 22 Years Lifetime

Flyte uses a highly energy efficient LED light so, it will last for 500,000 hours. It means, Flyte will stay lighting up your room for around 11 years with 12 hours per day usage and 22 years if you only turn it one for 6 hours per day.

–       Easy Operation

Levitating a light bulb might sound like something a scientist could do. But this product is very easy to operate that many Flyte Light reviews praised it. You only need to connect the cable and then slowly lower the light bulb above the wooden base.

–       Amazing Design

The wooden base is made of high quality materials like walnut, ash and oak. Meanwhile, the cap is made of copper, chrome or gold. The combination of the two and the classic Edison style bulb truly create an unrivaled beauty.

–       Can Be Used as Phone Charger

Thanks to the induction technology, the wooden base can be used to charge phone wirelessly. Just make sure that your phone supports wireless charging system.

·         Cons

–       The Light Is Not Really Bright

Flyte’s maximum brightness is only 60 Lumens. So, it is not obviously not a lamp that can light up the whole room.

How Does Flyte Work?

The light bulb can safely levitate thanks to the magnet on the bottom cap of the light bulb and on the wooden base that create an opposing reaction. The power to light up the light bulb comes from the cable on the wooden base that is connected to the wall socket. Then, the power flows to the light bulb with induction technology.

Many Flyte Light Reviews commended this product because operating this defying gravity light bulb is very easy. Here is the step by step guide:

1.     Connect the AC adapter to the textile cable.

2.     Connect the AC adapter to the wall socket and the textile cable to the wooden base.

3.     Put the co-pilot on top of the wooden base. It will serve as a guide on where you should levitate the light bulb.

4.     Lift the light bulb around 15 cm above the wooden base and slowly lower it until you feel that the bulb can support itself.

5.     Once the bulb is levitating, you can remove the co-pilot

6.     Tap the corner of the wooden base to turn on and off the light.

Flyte Technical Breakdown

The main specifications of Flyte Light are as follows:

·         Dimensions                        : 126 mm x 126 mm x 30 mm (base), 140 mm x 70 mm x 45 mm (bulb)

·         Weight                                 : 500 grams

·         Lifetime                              : 50,000 hours (22 years with 6 hours per day usage)

·         Maximum Brightness     : 60 Lumens

·         Global Voltage                  : 100 – 240 V

·         Floating Height                : 15 mm – 17 mm

The Price

Flyte is priced at $349. It might not be a cheap light bulb but now that you have read Flyte Light Reviews, you know that it is a perfect price for the quality and uniqueness of the product. Flyte is not just an ordinary light bulb. It is a groundbreaking technology, and a very fun decoration. So, Flyte is a must have for science enthusiasts who want to beautify their home. If you want a better deal, you can purchase the 5-pack package and you will get 5 Flyte lights for only $1,450.

Flyte – Buckminster 2.0 –
$349.00 +Free Shipping in the USA

Flyte - Buckminster 2.0

Flyte-Buckminster(5-Pack)- $1,450.00 + Free Shipping in the USA

Flyte - Buckminster (5-Pack)


Why It Doesn’t Need Battery

One of the best thing about Flyte is the light bulb doesn’t require battery. This is also the part that makes many people confused. How can it light up and hovering in the air without any battery or wires attached to it? Well, it all thanks to the induction technology.

The magnetic power doesn’t only make the light bulb levitates. Since there is hidden inductive coil inside the wooden base, the electromagnetic wave is also capable to power the light bulb via induction.

Where to Buy

After reading Flyte Light reviews, you definitely want to immediately purchase one for yourself. Flyte is now available in various online and offline stores worldwide. Simply go to Flyte official website, click Store Locator and type the name of your city to find the nearest store to your location. If you cannot find any stores that sell Flyte in your area, you can buy the product online, directly from Flyte online store.



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