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Get Flash V1 Lite : V1 VS V1 Lite

Are you looking for a modern and sleek electric bike? Then get Flash V1 Lite. This electric bike is specifically designed for the use in the road of the United States of America. Besides V1 Lite, there is also another product of Flash which is V1. Here are the differences between V1 and V1 Lite.

Flash V1

Get Flash V1 Lite: The pedal assist and grip throttle of V1 has 5 control levels which are from 0 to 4. This electric bike is instantly converted to the classification of class 2 electric bike which the speed can reach 20 miles per hour with the Flash smartphone application. The automatic 60 Lumen brake light is triggered by the brake levers both in the front and in the rear.

The 330 Lumen LED headlight of V1 electric bike has a high intensity which the beam distance can reach 430 feet. The running lights both in the front and on the back provide a full 360º viewing angle. Moreover, the mobile application both in iOS and Android is available to be freely downloaded.

Flash V1 Lite

The main difference between V1 and V1 Lite is that the sophisticated intelligence features in Flash V1 Lite are disabled. The intelligence features such as the touchscreen PIN code, GPS location tracking, keyless touchscreen operation, and also remote check-in on the status of the battery, security alert, and location are disabled in the lite version of V1. But you do not have to be worried, because you are able to instantly upgrade the intelligence features anytime. You just need to go the website and purchase the upgrade in order to unlock the features.

Get Flash V1 Lite - Flash V1 VS Flash V1 Lite


If the grip throttle and pedal assist in the Flash V1 has 5 control levels, the lite version only has 4 control levels which are from 0 to 3. Moreover, the price of Flash V1 Lite is quite cheaper than Flash V1 Lite. Flash V1 costs for $1.999 while the price of the lite version is $1.699. Both Flash V1 and Flash V1 lite is free from shipping fee for the area of the United States of America and its contiguous zone. If you look for an affordable electric bike, buy Flash V1 Lite.

Get Flash V1 Lite – Besides those differences mentioned above, Flash V1 and its lite version are the same. Both of the electric bikes are equipped with 500 watts powerful motor supported with a 36V internal and rechargeable battery.

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