How To Buy Flash V1 Commuter

As one mean of transportation, bikes bring many advantages. Moreover, the latest type that is electrical bikes like buy flash V1 Commuter is already proven to be the most eco-friendly and affordable bike. Many good reviews suggest you have one in your house. Therefore, bellow is shown how to buy Flash Commuter step by step and the advantages you will get.

Steps to buy Flash V1 Commuter

  1. Open Flashbike’s site on well if you are confused and need an actual hand to help, find a retail shop of flahsbike around you. They will help you to order.
  2. Read detailed information about the bike first at V1 Commuter section on
  3. When you are sure click order now that automatically add one product to your cart. if you want to process it directly, just click your cart.
  4. In the cart tab, click ‘check out now’ to see detail price and the process of your bike shipping and payment
  5. After you agree the process will continue to shipping process and mode. Flash bike offers free shipping for U.S. states except for Hawaii and Alaska.
  6. The last one is choosing the payment mode. Flash bike only accepts Paypal and Google pay for online purchasing.
  7. Wait for the confirmation e-mail stating detail information of the product you buy and shipping process. You can also check the update of the shipping process.

V1 costs $1699. There is another of paying as a whole that is by making the monthly payment. How to buy flash Commuter with monthly payment is can be done only through Affirm. Several packages of months payment are also available such as three, six, or twelve months. Therefore, check your eligibility to pay through Affirm.

What you will get

The elegant and simple design, the bike could suit everybody’ style. A healthy body is also another benefit of using this bike. In fact, the healthy environment can be achieved by riding this bike instead of driving cars or motorbike. In addition, this bike is safe with its protecting features and also saves you from more expenses on gas, maintenance, and parking fees. There is also a warranty and return service.

How to buy Flash Commuter is so simple and the price is also affordable. More and more there are several discounts you could get like family plan ad group offers with minimum five products to how to buy Flash V1 Commuter is totally worthy of your penny.


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