How To Get V1 Commuter Deluxe and Other Types

Everything around us is evolving and getting smart from a smartphone even to smart-bike. Nowadays, bikes are more desired due to their positive impacts on the users and our environment. The most advanced ones are from Flashbike with several series. Among them, V1 Commuter Deluxe is coming out as the most favorite product due to its features and feasibility. To know more about the details and how to get v1 Commuter Deluxe, here is the short explanation.

What is V1 Commuter Deluxe?

Flashbike is a brand of electric bikes. V1 Commuter Deluxe is one product of Flashbike with abundant advantages.  To maximize the advantages, V1 Commuter Deluxe is equipped by several features that are LED light, a charger and the 36V/2A Lithium-ion battery, geared rear hub motors with 500 watts energy, an LCD display, pedal assists and grip throttles.

Viewed by the design, this type is the simplest one among others.  Without whistles and bells, this bike is more efficient and elegant. With the maximum speed of 20 mph, the bikes keep the rider safe. Moreover, the LCD display shows power assist level setting, speed, and battery power. Other than safe usage and elegant design, V1 Commuter Deluxe is very affordable. You can check the price on their site. Some discounts are also provided such as family plan and group offers.

How to get V1 Commuter Deluxe   

This bike is quite promising, is not it? So it is the time to get one. To get is, here are a few steps that you can do:

  1. Go and check flashbike.iosite
  2. Click on V1 Commuter Deluxe product that will lead you the new age with detail information about review, discount, and description.
  3. Click on ‘add to cart’ a pop-up question will appear to ask you whether to keep shopping, checking other products. If you go straight to pay you to need to click ‘check out’ in the cart section
  4. Then there is a short form that you need to fill about customer information. later you will choose a shipping method and finally payment mode.
  5. Through e-mail, you will get the update of your bike started from the package, sending process, and arrival.

When you are confused about something, there are some admins and customer services who are always ready to help you. In fact, the steps are easy to do and all you need just to click. How to get V1 Commuter Deluxe is truly few clicks away.


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