Inexpensive Flash V1 and other Types

Looking for healthy, eco-friendly, and not pricey transportation? Flash v1 is the answer. It is an electric bike that has rechargeable battery power to enable you going further. Equipped with several features, the bike will give the rider safe riding experience and comfort. With such advanced features, Inexpensive Flash v1 is affordable and suit your finance well. To know the bike better below is the short description of Flash v1.

Inexpensive Flash V1

Why Flash v1?

Flash v1 is one product of Flashbike brand. The brand releases several types of electric bikes. Viewed by price, the most affordable product is Flash v1 with $1,699. Other than the price there are many benefits that you may get. Here is the list.

  1. Inexpensive Flash v1
  2. Simple and efficient design
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. Free shipping (for the United States only except Alaska and Hawaii)
  5. Guarantee and return service
  6. Available for several discounts (check their website for more detail info)
  7. A healthy body and further experience

In addition, you can buy it on credit under the circumstances. To secure the quality, you will have a guarantee and free return for thirty days. For those who love simplicity, Flash v1 is the perfect bike. Available in three colors that are black, white and charcoal, the bike is not equipped with bells or baskets making it more elegant and simpler. With fewer features, Flash v1 is lighter than any other types.

How to get Flash v1

After finding the reason why you have to buy a Flash v1, it is your time to order one. For the final check, you can try a test ride in the nearest retail bike shop around you. Make sure the shop is registered as the retail shop of Flashbike. After trying it, you can order directly online on the official site, Then click on ‘shop now’ or open the product on collections section at

Inexpensive Flash V1 and other Types

There is a button ‘add to cart’ and press it. Later you are required to fill a short form. When you already finish, you will need to choose the shipping and payment mode. The final step is waiting for the email confirmation and the update about shipping. Usually, the shipping takes two to three work days. After that is the time to enjoy the ride of inexpensive Flash v1. Happy riding and stay safe!.


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