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Rumble Motors electric scooter, in simple words, is an electric scooter that can produce the sound like a normal motorcycle. This unique feature comes from the built-in speakers that are located on each side of the scooter. You can activate this speaker by using a button that is located near the clutch. You can activate this button and when you run this scooter, it will produce the sound like the motorcycle.


Where Can I Ride An Electric Scooter?

Basically, you can ride it anywhere. Just see electric scooter as a regular bike. Therefore, any place where you usually ride your bike will be a place where you also can ride an electric scooter. Of course, you also need to make sure that place is suitable with the e-bike that you use. For example, you can use Scrambler on the road with a little bit of rough texture

How Long Does It Take to Recharge the Battery?

Mostly, the Rumble Motors e-bike only needs 3-5 hours to charge the battery from empty to full. The charging speed is different, though. You will need around 1.5 hours to charge it until it’s 80% full. Then, the rest of it (20%) will need a longer charging time.

How Should I Look After My Battery?

It is similar to the Smartphone battery. Do not let it empty too long. Recharge it every time you use your electric scooter.

Should I Completely Drain the Battery Before Charging?

Rumble Motors use the latest battery technology. So, you can just charge it after you use your electric scooter.

Why Should I Ride Electric Bikes?

The electric bike is much quieter and smoother than regular bikes. Of course, it will be noisy, if you turn on the speaker on your Rumble or Rumble V-3.0. More importantly, you can save more money on fuel.

Does It Matter If The Electronics Get Wet?

Rumble Motors design the electric component in the sealed and air-tight compartment. So, it can protect the component from the water. However, if it is possible, do not submerge the e-bike, because it will have a risk for leaking that can damage the electronic component inside.

Will the Electric Bike Arrive Assembled?

When you receive the Rumble Motor e-bike, it will be 95% assembled. You need to install the accessories and additional items. But, mostly, you can use it when it arrives at your place. It will come in a large box. You don’t need to worry, because the delivery staff will help you to move it to your place.

How Often Should I Have My Electric Bike Serviced?

It should be similar to a regular bike. One thing that you must know is most of the spare parts in Rumble Motors e-bike use similar spare parts to a regular bike. So, if you find some problem in these parts, you can find the spare parts on the market to replace it.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge the Battery?

Compared to fossil fuel, you only need to spend a very low amount of money. For charging your battery pack, you only need to spend from $0.03 to $0.10. The money you need to spend may vary depends on the electric charges of the electric company from each area.

What Is An Electric Bicycle or e-Bike?

In the simplest words, an e-bike is a bike that is powered by an electric motor. It also gets energy from the battery pack.

What Are the Advantages of Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter will make your journey easier to do. You don’t need to spend too much energy to move from place to place. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendlier.

When Do I Get My Rumble Bike?

After you order and make a payment, Rumble Motors will need around 2 days to process the order. Then, the shipping time will be around 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the place where you live. They also ship their product worldwide.

What’s included in Free Shipping?

The free shipping service will only be in effect for delivery from Rumble Motors’ warehouse to the port in your area. And, you need to pay the cost for the delivery from the port to your place, as well as the import fee and other documentation costs.


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