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SmilePro Dental: Are you having problems with your gums or teeth? Do you want to be educated better about oral hygiene? If you look for an excellent, recommended dental clinic to help you with your dental problems, you should consider going to SmilePro Dental Clinic. This dental clinic always puts their patients as their top priority. Here, you will get comfortable, gentle, yet effective care to overcome your dental problems. Below is the information about SmilePro Dental.

About SmilePro Dental Clinic

SmilePro Dental Clinic is located in 25147 W Warren Ave, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127. This dental clinic is led by Dr. Salam Awad, D.D.S, along with her team of veteran dentists. It has been in the industry for years so that you can make sure that you are treated by experienced professionals. SmilePro Dental Clinic always aims to provide gentle, comfortable, and effective care for every patient. It also provides the most relaxing, comfortable, and responsive dental experience. No more scary dentists or dental procedures. This is why this clinic is also great for kids.

Not only dental care, but you can also get informative, useful oral health information since the staff is always willing to educate you about anything related to oral matters. They give you as much information so that you will be able to know what dental care you need. The staff is friendly, caring, and well-trained. They are professionals who are ready to give you the top-quality dental care you need. Moreover, the clinic also uses the most sophisticated technology available to support their services. It is a great place for you who look for a reliable, professional dental clinic.

SmilePro DentalServices at SmilePro Dental Clinic

SmilePro Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental care. During each visit, experienced, well-trained professionals will treat you with top-quality care to prevent dental problems and take care of your current dental condition. Here are the dental services provided at SmilePro Dental Clinic.

∙        General Dentistry

General Dentistry is helpful for identifying small oral health problems early on. So that they will not get bigger and become more serious problems later on. This is the reason why General Dentistry is also known as Preventative Dentistry. Because the main aim of it is to prevent any serious oral health concerns.

The preventative action is performed by identifying, diagnosing, and treating various conditions and disorders that affect gums, teeth, and maxillofacial.

∙        Emergency Care

Receiving the right and proper dental care as soon as possible is highly important when a dental emergency strike. This is purposed to make sure that you get the best possible result. Just like any other kind of medical emergencies, it is essential to find out what to do before you are really in an emergency situation.

SmilePro Dental Clinic provides emergency care for traumatic dental injuries, tooth pain, gum emergencies, orthodontic emergencies, and emergency tooth removal and extractions.

SmilePro Dental∙        Dental Implants

The American Dental Association reported that more than 95% of dental implant cases are successful. Dental implants might be the most recommended solution to single or multiple missing teeth. This dental care offers a long-lasting solution to the functionalist, strength, and overall aesthetic look of your teeth.

Dental implants are also helpful for maintaining tooth-preserving bone that is naturally damaged when the tooth material is lost. This case commonly happens when teeth are missing.

That is the information about SmilePro Dental Clinic. This dental clinic also provides other dental services, such as oral hygiene and orthodontics for healthy and bright teeth. Go to their official website to find out more about other services, contacts, and the clinic itself.

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