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Springer Dog Exerciser Antique is ready to use in Bike

Ride Your Bicycle while Bringing Your Dog by Installing Springer Dog Exerciser Antique

Springer Dog Exerciser Antique: Biking with your beloved dog is a great activity. The activity makes both of you healthy. Safety is something you have to consider and Springer Dog Exerciser antique is the solution. This product helps you to control your dog while riding your bike. You just need to install the Springer Dog Exerciser on the side of your bike and you are ready to bike with your dog.

A package of Springer Dog Exerciser antique consists of Springer, leash, safety releases, and hook. You should add a harness to increase the safety. The package doesn’t include harness so you have to buy it by yourself. Try to avoid collar because it is dangerous for your dog. Collar can cause injury for your dog especially when you are suddenly stopped.

The design of Springer Dog Exerciser is simple and lightweight so you don’t need to worry with the weight of the bicycle. You can install this product in a few minutes and you are ready to bring your dog for walking in the afternoon or in the morning. Springer Dog Exerciser antique is really a solution for those who love riding a bicycle anywhere you want as well as bringing your lovely dog outside at the same time easily and safely.
Springer Dog Exerciser Antique
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FAQ – Springer Dog Exerciser Antique

Do I need to train my dog to work with the Springer?

No, most dogs adapt to the Springer immediately.  However, if your dog seems overly concerned about being close to the bike, then start by walking the bike and dog side-by-side. And if your dog is not well conditioned, gradually increase your riding time over the first several weeks.

What surfaces should I ride on?

Ideally, you would ride on dirt roads, forest pathways, and other soft surfaces.  Or, if you have paved bike paths with grassy shoulders available, you can ride on the hard surface, with your dog running beside you on the grassy area.  If you do cycle on paved roads, just be cautious about the speed you ride, to protect your dog’s paws.

If my dog veers off in a different direction, will I need to adjust the Springer while I’m riding?

No, with Springer, you can keep both hands on the handlebars at all times.  The Springer keeps your dog gently, but securely, by your side, protecting him from pedals and wheels.  If he does run around a tree or fire hydrant, the patented safety release will release your dog instantly, keeping you and your pet safe.

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